VenetianVenetian blinds are classic installations that can offer you the security, privacy, and flexibility you are looking for. Here at Weston Screen Door Maintenance and Repairs Cessnock, we are committed to understanding your needs and providing solutions for them. Blinds increase the security and privacy of any room. When needed, they can be fully enabled or otherwise pulled aside. This flexibility protects you from the glare of the sun and from wandering eyes, and at the same time gives you the opportunity to still appreciate the view when you want to. The Venetian blinds we offer have all of the benefits of high quality blinds. They also add a touch of classic elegance to any room. They are well-suited for home rooms as well as for corporate windows. We offer high quality standards and professional services in the Hunter region Weston Screen Door Maintenance and Repairs Cessnock offers Venetian blinds in a great range of designs and types. These varieties differ in their features, appearance, and affordability. Aluminium Venetians One of the most common types of venetian blinds is the aluminium Venetian type. They are known to be versatile and easy-to-operate. Weston Screen Door Maintenance and Repairs Cessnock offers high quality Venetian blinds, which are great for privacy and heat control. This type of blind can offer these benefits without completely restricting your view.

Cedar Venetians

Cedar Venetian blinds come with a rustic appeal. Made with high quality materials, the cedar Venetian blinds offered by Weston Screen Door Maintenance and Repairs Cessnock are extremely durable. They are resilient against the effects of the Australian sun, and they come with a UV- and scratch-resistant lacquered finish.

Timberstyle Venetians

Another type of venetian blinds offered by Weston Screen Door Maintenance and Repairs Cessnock is the timberstyle Venetians. Its affordability is one of the chief highlights of this product. Though the blinds are made with polystyrene polymers, they look like real wood. They are also resistant to cracking, peeling, discolouration, and other ill effects of time. This added resilience makes it the perfect blinds to use for bathrooms or other areas exposed to different elements.

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