Awnings are beautiful additions to any home. Installed near a window or a door, awnings provide you with extra space and also shade against the sun and other elements.
If you are concerned about the damage Australia’s harsh and unpredictable climate can do to your windows and other parts of your home, then you need to consider installing awnings. Or if you already have awnings installed, then be sure to regularly maintain it.
Here at Weston Screen Door Maintenance and Repairs Cessnock, we believe that awnings do add another level of protection to the exterior of the house. This is why we are dedicated to providing only the best of the best.

High quality standards and professional services in Hunter Valley

Weston Screen Door Maintenance and Repairs Cessnock offers only high quality awnings to supplement your property’s design and security.Weston Screen Door Maintenance and Repairs Cessnock offers awnings such as:

  • Folding Arm
  • Carbo Lite
  • Auto Canvas
  • Convertible

Our products use Australian-designed Uniline Tru-Steel for a low-cost yet incredibly effective solution. The different types of awnings we offer show great strength, wind resistance and protection against elements such as hail and storm damage. These features are possible due to the multi-rib cross section skin panels of the awnings.

Here at Weston Screen Door Maintenance and Repairs Cessnock, the offered awnings are also durable and resilient through time. They are powder-coated to ensure tested quality.

Flexibility and choice

Our products can also be used for a variety of applications, such as in domestic, commercial or community properties. Aside from its variety of uses, the awnings we provide also come in a variety of colours.
Here at Weston Screen Door Maintenance and Repairs Cessnock, we value your preferences. We understand that you would like to have awnings which fit the current style of your home’s exterior, and this is why our panels are available in a wide range of vibrant and beautiful colours.

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Create and maximise the space you have by installing high quality awnings. Based in Weston in the Hunter Region, our locally owned and operated company happily serves Kurri Kurri and Cessnock area. Contact us today to order awnings or to schedule an appointment with one of our staff.