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Security DoorsSecurity doors are the priority of any safety-conscious property owner. Security doors, when properly installed, are an additional barrier between your personal belongings and malicious intent. They also add another level of safety for your family. Aside from this, security doors also increase the privacy of your home. They come with noise reduction features. Lastly, security doors can guarantee your peace of mind. All of these benefits are yours when you order a security door from Weston Screen Door Maintenance and Repairs Cessnock. Our security doors are made with high quality materials designed to provide that additional level of safety, privacy, and peace of mind. Our team of highly competent installers will also ensure that the security door is properly fitted into your property.

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To address your security door needs, we provide a wide range of security door solutions. We provide services to homeowners as well as business owners looking to have screen doors installed in your home or office. Weston Screen Door Maintenance and Repairs Cessnock understands your need for durable, strong and reliable security doors to keep you and your property safe. In line with our commitment, all security doors provided by our company are made with triple locks. The triple lock system can better guarantee your safety as well as your peace of mind. This feature is an additional barrier that elevates your protection.

Though they all provide increased security, our high quality products also vary in type, range and application. For example, the Securamesh grille system offers a range of security door components, and it is also available for window grilles and sidelights. Weston Screen Door Maintenance and Repairs Cessnock also provides a great selection of hinged and sliding doors made with gravity die cast. Aside from its strength, the doors are made with 100% recyclable aluminium. This guarantees greater durability and resilience against rust. Moreover, the frames of the doors on offer are constructed from extruded aluminium.

Flexibility and design

We also value your preferences. You can trust us to find solutions to meet your exact needs and tastes. The frames of our security doors are available in different colours, and they come in a hardy powder-coated finish. They are individually made to fit your exact standards We also offer premium choices for additional security. You have the option between the Hard Core Screens for windows and doors, or the SupaScreen™, which provides a view alongside security. DVA mesh can also be fit to most of the hinged and sliding door range. This mesh can increase the durability and protective components of the doors even more. All of these benefits can be tailored to fit pet doors.

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