Types of Blinds

The various types of blinds you can have in your home

Decorating your home can be exciting because of the multitude of choices in the market. You can have quite a specific vision for your home and be able to find the perfect pieces, furniture and details to build it.

Today, there are so many colours, styles, and makes to choose from for almost everything. The same goes for choosing the right type of blinds for your home. It can be frustrating if you suddenly find yourself lost in the sea of types of blinds. Here at Weston Maintenance, we want you to make an informed decision before you choose your blinds. So, here are a few things you would need to know.

What are blinds?

Window blinds or shades are window coverings that you can use as an alternative for shades or drapes. They are often made with durable materials such as wood and plastic. Blinds are usually made of several slats of these materials, assembled vertically or horizontally. These slats are held together by plastic or fabric cords, and can be adjusted either by lowering and pulling these cords or by pivoting the slats to open and close.

Choose the right type of blinds for your home

There are so many types of blinds to choose from that sometimes it can be difficult to decide. When you find yourself unable to choose, you can begin by identifying first what kind of look you want to go for in your home. McElwaines lists down the different types of blinds for your home as:

  • Persian or slat

Persian or slat blinds is the most commonly used among the different types of blinds. These are blinds made of thin horizontal or vertical slats that can be pivoted to almost 180 degrees to control the amount of light to let through.

  • Honeycomb shades

Honeycomb blinds are one of the best types of blinds to choose for your home. Also known as cellular shades, this type of blinds can even help you save on your electricity bill. Because of the cell-like structure of its fabric or paper-like blinds, honeycomb shades help you conserve energy by adding extra insulation to your home.

  • Roman blinds

Somewhat similar to Persian blinds, Roman blinds are thin slats that are stacked on top of each other. When fully drawn, the slats flatten to make a smooth, continuous surface. But if you choose to have a fully lighted room and want to set aside the blinds, they stack on top of each other.

  • Solar blinds

Solar blinds is an innovative type of blinds that is made of a thin and sheer solar screen. Its fabric is able to block harmful UV rays without completely blocking light from illuminating your room. This is perfect for homeowners who want natural lighting and an unblocked view.

  • Sheer blinds

If you are not at all concerned with blocking UV rays and want a softer ambient lighting than solar blinds, then sheer blinds might be perfect for your home. This type of blinds can be made in several types of sheer fabric that can match various interiors. It allows light to shine through the fabric, creating a lighting effect that is both elegant and relaxing. You can control how much light can pass by tilting the blinds.

  • Roller blinds

Identifying roller blinds is easy because of its characteristic rolling mechanism for opening or closing the blinds. Roller blinds are one of the most diverse types of blinds because of the variety of colours, textures, and patterns available in the market. This is perfect for homeowners who want more fashionable and trendier options for their home.

Tip on choosing your inspiration

It’s really easy to find inspiration for decorating your home now because of the internet. A simple Google or Pinterest search can give you hundreds of ideas and pegs you can pattern your home decoration with. Try to decide early on what theme you want to follow for your home. This way, choosing among the types of blinds will be easier because you already have an overall look that you want to achieve.

When all else fails, you can always count on an interior designer that can help you figure out the best and most suitable options.